Lynne Moriarty Langlois1962-A

Vice Chair

Blake Hazzard Allen1966-A

 Executive Committee

Nancy Donnelly Bliss1954-A
Mae Bradshaw1962-A
Jane Hamilton Christie1958-A
Sara Ingram1971-A
Cornelia Weldon LeMaitre1953-A
Noreen Markley1973-A
Shirley Rae Sullivan1968-A
Ruth Sisson Weiner1966-A


Dinah Hallowell Barlow1957-A
Melanie Davis1965-A
Felicia Elias1975-A
Mindy Feldman1973-A
Leslie Hendrix1973-A
Marjorie Wellin King1975-A
Marcia McCabe1973-A
Miriam Ganem Reeder1957-A
Natalie Gillingham Schorr1962-A
Kristine Ann Leonard Tomlinson1973-A

One of the first educational institutions in New England founded for girls and women, Abbot Academy opened its doors to seventy students on May 6, 1829 and flourished until Abbot Academy and Phillips Academy merged on June 28, 1973. As an ad-hoc committee of the Alumni Council, Abbot@Andover celebrates and facilitates interaction among Abbot Alumnae and perpetuates Abbot's spirit within the Andover Community.

Committee Objectives:

  • IDENTIFY Academy Commitment
  • ENHANCE Communication
  • INSPIRE Connectivity

The Brace Center for Gender Studies at Phillips Academy

The Brace Center for Gender Studies at Phillips Academy was opened in 1996 with a generous gift from Abbot Academy alumna Donna Brace Ogilvie '30, contributions from others and a start-up grant from the Abbot Academy Association. Its aim is to provide resources to enhance and strengthen Phillips Academy as a coeducational and multicultural institution by examining the complex issues related to gender, including sexuality, race and ethnicity. Abbot@Andover continues to partner with Dr. Flavia Vidal, Director of the Brace Center, to strengthen the relationship between the Center and Abbot alumnae.

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 The Abbot Archives Project

 If interested in additional information, please contact Paige Roberts, director of Archives and Special Collections at 978-749-4069 or by e-mail at