Annual Giving Board


Dan Lasman1973-P
Alison Smith Lord1985-P


Mae Concemi Bradshaw1962-A
Jane H. Christie1958-A
Francisco X. Contreras1991-P
Ian Cropp2001-P
Jenny F. Elkus1992-P
Henry H. Frankievich2007-P
David A. Gutzke1977-P
Laura Mistretta Kirk2000-P
John R. Kline1988-P
Kevin K.W. Kwong1995-P
Krystle L. Manuel-Countee2009-P
Emerson A.S. Moore2008-P
Jennifer S. Myung1998-P
Leila Jones Shields1993-P
Justin J. Yi2006-P

Andover Fund Contacts

Stephen M. Rodriguez Director of Annual Giving

Mariel Capulli Coordinator

Kristin Faivre Marketing & Stewardship Manager

Sara P. Messier Assistant Director, 1986-2001

Lucas D. Simpson Assistant Director 

Katherine Solomini Assistant Director

Hallee Quinn Administrative Assistant

Julia Seigel Assistant Director for Young Alumni & Student Philanthropy, 2002-2016

The Annual Giving Board is a valuable sounding board to the Office of Academy Resources for fund-raising policies and strategies. Its mission is threefold:

  1. to broaden the base of alumni advice and support to ensure a more successful annual class and reunion giving campaign;
  2. to educate board members and provide them an opportunity to influence the outcome of the annual fund raising program at Andover; and
  3. to advise the Annual Giving team in areas of solicitation strategy and implementation and in the recruitment and involvement of volunteers.

Members are alumni/ae who are class agents or otherwise actively engaged in fund-raising for Andover.  To learn more about becoming an agent, view the job description here.

Short Term Objectives

  • Teamwork Alignment
    Publish the work plans on teamwork and allow AGB members to align with working groups.
  • Andover Fund
    100% AGB participation in Andover Fund.
  • Stewardship and Recognition
    Strategize around how Andover could best leverage the Non Sibi Association in recognizing leadership donors while launching a consecutive donor society in early 2017.
  • Volunteer Training and Engagement
    Refine the Andover Fund Volunteer Guide and other training materials to best support agents and head agents with helpful information while planning for developing programming around regional trainings.

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Andover Fund Goals: 7,600 Alumni Donors

$11.5 Million for the Andover Fund