The Andover Fund

Class Agent Job Description

The Class Agent serves as an instrumental ambassador to Andover, leading by example through his/her philanthropic participation and enthusiasm. The class agent is critical in maintaining the relationship between alumni and the Academy.

The Goal of the Class Agent is to participate as a member of the class fundraising efforts, along with other class agents under the guidance of Head Agents and Andover Fund staff, promote active communication with as many classmates as possible and strive for 100% giving participation from these classmates.

The Primary Responsibility of the Class Agent is to help secure gifts from members of his/her class and act as a liaison between the classmates and the Head Agent throughout the year. In this role the Class Agent will:

  • Make his/her gift to the Andover Fund based upon individual interest and ability.
  • Participate in screenings to garner giving potential of classmates and top prospects for reunion fundraising efforts.
  • Select and solicit key donors throughout the year according the Andover Fund volunteer timeline.
  • Acknowledge gifts and pledges as appropriate, especially Non Sibi gifts and gifts from co-agents through personalized communication such as handwritten notes, emails, or phone calls.
  • Participate in periodic conference calls focused on the Andover Fund, class goals, reunion giving, and participate in training (online/in person/on the phone) sessions as it relates to fundraising for your class.
  • With support from the Office of Annual Giving, connect with classmates through Andover updates and communicate the goals of the Andover Fund and other fundraising priorities.
  • Actively use Agentsphere, an Andover database resource for the management of sharing confidential giving and contact information.
  • During a reunion year, serve as a member of the Reunion Gift Committee.

The term of a Class Agent would be a minimum of 1 fiscal year (June-July).

The Qualifications of a Class Agent would be someone that has:

  • Comfort and ability to engage and solicit a variety of classmates for annual gifts.
  • Ability to meet monthly time commitment of 2-3 hours per month (dependent on timeline).
  • Demonstrated commitment to Andover and participates in annual giving to the Academy.
  • Enthusiasm for Andover and furthering the Academy’s mission.
  • Respect for the confidentiality of personal information provided by the Andover Fund.