Athletics Committee

Doug D'Agata 1988-P
Margaret Block Stineman 1992-P

Amanda Q. Adams 1993-P
Aimionoizomo Obehi Akade 2000-P
 Lee S. Apgar 1978-P
Bret D. Asbury 1996-P
Gil Bamford 1958-P
Nathaniel M. Cartmell III 1969-P
Michael R. Ciummei 2008-P
Quinn W. Daly 2013-P
Sarah J. Demers 2003-P
Maria L. Elias-Williams 1982-P
Martha Gourdeau Fenton 1983-P
 Minor Myers III 1996-P
Susan Jenkins Warren 1979-P


Andover Athletic Schedule

In recognition of the central role played by athletics at all levels to the experience of Andover students, the Athletics Committee is responsible for promoting good relations between the Athletic Program and Department and alumni, parents, and current students. The Committee meets regularly with Athletic Department administrators to discuss issues of current and continuing concern. The Committee also takes primary responsibility for the process through which individuals and teams are selected for induction into the Andover Athletic Hall of Honor.

The Andover Athletic Hall of Honor-Statement of Purpose: To recognize and honor alumni, teams, and coaches from Phillips and Abbot academies who displayed exceptional athletic ability on the field and who continue to lead a life that embodies the values of the academies. Please see a full list of previous inductees

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