Class Secretaries

Marisa K. Connors Hoyt 1999-P
Jennifer K. Lee 2006-P
Graham B. Anthony 1982-P
Adam Simha 1984-P
Miranda D. Haymon 2012-P
Alexander V. Mishkin 1985-P
John S. Quinlan 1997-P
Kelly Quinn 1997-P
John R. Swansburg, Jr. 1996-P
Deidra Willis 2009-P
Jamie Clauss Wolf 1978-P

The Class Secretaries Committee builds and reinforces mutually supportive relationships among class secretaries and between them and the school. The Committee helps class secretaries foster lasting relationships between and among classmates, maintain communications and cohesion within their classes, and perpetuate class members’ ties with the school.  It provides guidance to incoming class secretaries, serves as a primary link among all class secretaries, and represents their common interests to school administrators and staff. It explores and encourages the use of new technology to improve alumni communications. The committee demonstrates the purposeful role that class secretaries and class notes can play as catalysts for engagement and inclusion. Members are current or former class secretaries.




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