Class Secretaries Club House


Tips & Tricks

  • Submit photographs provided by classmates, particularly those featuring more than one member of the class.
  • Provide details about classmates participating directly with the Academy via Alumni Council, Non-Sibi projects, fund-raising, affinity groups, etc.
  • In the event of significant achievement or remembrance, the secretaries may devote an entire installment of their notes to one classmate.
  • For the purposes of the notes, anyone who attended Phillips Academy as a member of the class during any period Junior through Senior year is considered a classmate and need not have graduated with the class.
  • Secretaries may be asked to edit their submissions for length or content by the editor. Quotes from classmates should be edited only by redaction. Style is left to the discretion of the secretaries (first or third person, slang, etc.)

Photo Submission Guidelines

Andover magazine welcomes photos of alumni get-togethers for publication in the Class Notes section.  Class secretaries (or any alum) can send photographs to be published to the Class Notes editor, Rita Savard, at Requirements for photos:
  • Include two or more alumni/ae in the photo
  • Be timely and current—not historic
  • Provide high-resolution photos suitable for printing—preferably taken by a camera, although many cell phones now take high-quality photos
  • Identify everyone in the photo
  • Let us know about the occasion: what, where, and when. Photos without IDs & other caption info cannot be used
  • Hard copies are also acceptable. We will attempt to return them, but can’t guarantee it.

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