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Listed below the submission form are a few basic guidelines, procedures, and suggestions that we hope you will follow when writing your class notes. In doing so, you will help us enormously toward a smooth production of Andover magazine.

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Class Secretaries: Guidelines for Submitting Class Notes

1. In your class notes document, include your name, class year, address, phone number, and e-mail address as you’d like it to appear in the header of the magazine.

2. In the first reference to a classmate, put her/his name in Bold. Only alumni names should be in Bold, not spouses’ names and not names of alumni from other classes. Bold the full name the first time it is mentioned, and omit the bold if the name is mentioned again. Also, if your classmate has a nickname, insert it in the full name with quotes, not in Bold.  Ex. John “Jack” Smith.

3. The Class Notes section of Andover magazine is limited to a specific number of pages, so we have to be vigilant about word count. Please be concise, summarize, and quote briefly from letters, new stories, etc. Your self-editing will produce clear, tight, lively news that reads well and that will help keep changes and editing at this end to a minimum. Although we try to edit as little as possible, we do reserve the right to edit for clarity, grammar, punctuation, and length. If the editors find they have to make substantive cuts, they will attempt to contact you. If they cannot reach you in time, or if only minor changes are needed, they will use their best judgment.

4. Your cooperation is asked on sensitive issues: Please do not include in your notes in-jokes, made-up items, hurtful innuendo, political endorsement, or inappropriate or potentially contentious items.

5. We must be strict about our deadlines. It takes many weeks to compile and edit the class notes, and, in order to get Andover magazine out on time, we need to meet our printer’s deadline. Notes that come in after the deadline will be held for the next issue.

6. Once your notes are submitted, please refrain from submitting revisions.

7. Please note that your e-mailed class notes are not considered “received” until you get an e-mail confirmation. If you do not receive a confirmation within 48 hours, please call Laura MacHugh at 978-749-4289 or e-mail

8. Please try not to miss an issue. There is nothing more deflating to alumni than opening Andover magazine, turning to where class notes should be, and finding one’s class year missing. You, the class secretary, are the link between Abbot/Phillips and your class.

9. A reminder that any photo submissions should be emailed to Rita Savard at Photo submission guidelines can be found on the Club House Page.

Thank you for helping to keep the spirit of Abbot and Phillips alive!