Equity and Inclusion Committee


Alex May1985-P
Seyi A. Fayanju2001-P



Shaun A. Blugh2003-P
Leah M. Bradford1995-P
Vincent J. Broderick1971-P
Dario E. Collado1998-P
Michael S. Day1991-P
Jane Cashin Demers1973-A
Soiya G. Gecaga1992-P
Dhariana M. Gonzalez2008-P
Michael J. Halloran1982-P
Natalie P. Ho2005-P
E. Soo Kwak1998-P
Matthew Littell1985-P
Bonnie L. Oliva-Porter2000-P
Samantha M. Shih1999-P
Eugene A. Sokoloff2000-P
William M. Tong1991-P
Julie Wadland2006-P

The Equity and Inclusion Committee strives to be a catalyst for lifetime engagement and community building by supporting the Academy in retaining alumni from every quarter. By working closely with the CAMD (Community & Multicultural Development) office, fellow Council members, and the Andover community at large we strive to promote inclusivity both on and off "the hill." The Committee hopes to fulfill the dual role of keeping current alumni informed and educated while outlining a path of continued engagement and service for future alumni through the development and empowerment of empathetic student leaders.

Short Term Objectives

  • Out of the Blue
    Alumni Out of the Blue features true Abbot- or Andover-related stories about issues of class, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, geographic origin, and/or (dis)ability. Please e-mail your 350-word story, a brief bio, and a high-res photo of yourself to alumnioutoftheblue@gmail.com or click the image below to submit your story.
  • OOTB - Committee Involvement
    Each committee member will submit an OOTB story for the Andover Magazine before the Spring meeting and each member will recruit three friends to sign up for AAR.

Out of the Blue

This fall, Andover, the Magazine of Phillips Academy will begin an ongoing feature of alumni stories about identity. These “Out of the Blue” narratives are inspired by a student-led project of the same name, first published in December 2013. That groundbreaking publication featured nearly 90 stories collected from recent and current Andover students chronicling experiences related to seven identity areas: class, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, geographic origin, and (dis)ability.