Non Sibi Committee


Elizabeth B. Crowley1994-P
Jed W. Wartman1997-P


Unwana M. Abasi2013-P
Daniel Arrigg Koh2003-P
Nicholas O. Barber2003-P
Tom Beaton1973-P
Heather Garretson Bragdon1989-P
Megan Carroll1985-P
Stefan H. Cushman1987-P
Charlie Dean1979-P
Michael D. Gottesman1998-P
Christopher J.W.B Leggett1978-P
Megan A. McClellan1996-P
Kevin P. Newhall2013-P
Ann MacCready Northup1963-A
Loyce LaShawndra Pace1995-P
Gay Luster Sawabini1970-A
Kimberly B. Sugerman2008-P
R. William B. Thompson-Butler2009-P
J. Carter Vincent III1985-P


The Non Sibi Committee is one of eight standing committees of the Phillips Academy Alumni Council. Non sibi, "not for self," originated as the motto of Phillips Academy in 1782 when the words were cast by Paul Revere as part of the school's seal. Today, as then, the words speak to the school's mission to educate students in a way that combines knowledge and goodness and inspires them to serve and lead on behalf of others. The cornerstone project of this committee is Non Sibi Weekend – a global weekend of service involving a collective effort of outreach, planning and organizing service projects around the world.  Non Sibi Weekend is meant to symbolize Andover’s year-round commitment to community service and service learning. In addition to Non Sibi Weekend, the committee also takes seriously its mission to serve as a catalyst for year-round expressions of the Non Sibi spirit.

Short Term Objectives