Regional Volunteers Committee

Liz Powell 1990-P
Kevin S. Sinclair 2001-P
John Badman 2006-P
Hillary Brendzel 1997-P
William R. Dekle 1985-P
Quincy R. Evans 1996-P
Mathhew J. Gorski 2009-P
Jen Graham 2004-P
William R. Dekle 1985-P
Anna Elizabeth Valeo Haffner 2000-P
Sung C. Nam 1998-P
Chandri Navarro 1982-P
Franklin J. Schwarzer II 1994-P
Henry Tilghman 1984-P
Christina Weaver Vest 1989-P

The Regional Volunteers Committee is responsible for determining the most effective ways to promote good relations between the school, alumni, parents, and current students residing within different geographical areas.  The Regional Volunteers Committee members set the model for regional activity and regional leadership teams.  They identify best practices for the volunteer body in each geographic region.  This committee also identifies alumni and parent program categories for alumni events that will foster connections between alumni and parents – both to each other and to the school.

FAQs about Regional Activity


If you are interested in learning more about regional activity, please contact Crystal McGuire in the Office of Alumni Engagement.



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