What Does it Mean to Feel Out of the Blue?

What Does it Mean to Feel Out of the Blue?

Dear Friends,

There’s still time to share your personal and unique experiences at Phillips or Abbot Academy—positive or not—to help nurture the spirit of inclusion and diversity among your fellow alumni.


This fall, Andover, the Magazine of Phillips Academy will begin an ongoing feature of alumni stories about identity. These “Out of the Blue” narratives are inspired by a student-led project of the same name, first published in December 2013. That groundbreaking publication featured nearly 90 stories collected from recent and current Andover students chronicling experiences related to seven identity areas: class, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, geographic origin, and (dis)ability.

You can read a sample of the student "Out of the Blue" here.

Please share your 350-400 word story here. Be spontaneous. Your writing does not need to perfect—no grades will be given!

Thank you!

On behalf of the Inclusion and Diversity Committee of the Alumni Council