The Tom Beaton Challenge

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Tom Beaton, who served as Alumni Council President and Alumni Trustee between 2012 and 2015 has dedicated a tremendous part of his adult life to the school that opened new worlds to him, as it has to so many of us.  Tom feels strongly about the importance of giving back.  During his tenure, he challenged alumni council members to give to the Annual Fund as an example to all Phillips Academy alumni as well as a sign of their commitment to Andover.

In 2015, the Alumni Council inaugurated the Tom Beaton Challenge - a goal set forth every year for 100% participation in the Annual Fund by members of the Alumni Council.  In its first year, the Alumni Council achieved 99%, the highest participation rate of any affinity group apart from graduating seniors.

Current Alumni Council participation is displayed on the left.  Your particular committee's overall participation is shown below (there may be some delay in the updating of these values).  Click here to make a gift today and increase your committee’s and the council’s participation rate as a whole.



 Semper Non Sibi


Participation by Alumni Council Committee :

(last updated May 4, 2017)

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