Leadership and Governance Update Spring 2015

Leadership and Governance Update Spring 2015

New Council Leadership

The Alumni Council is pleased to share new of three appointments related to the Board of Trustees, the Alumni Council and the Annual Giving Board. These appointments will be highlighted at the May Board and Alumni Council meetings and will take effect in July.


Misty Muscatel ’01 has agreed to serve as Alumni Council President for a three-year term. As council president, Misty will also sit on the Board of Trustees. She will succeed Tom Beaton ’73, who will conclude a three-year term capped by many important initiatives, including the launch of a new strategic plan to guide the council’s future work.

Alison Smith Lord ’85 has been appointed Annual Giving Board co-chair, alongside current co-chair Lee Westerfield ’86. Alison will succeed Betsy Biern ’84 for a four-year term. As the now-senior AGB co-chair, Lee will serve on the Board of Trustees for the final two years of his term. Betsy has been a terrific partner to the team in the Office of Academy Resources, coinciding with a period of significant staff transition; her leadership has been a real asset to our fundraising efforts.

By-Law Updates

The Executive Committee of the Alumni Council will vote on updates to the By-Laws of the Council Saturday, May 2, 2015.  To access the proposed amendments, please follow this link to the file in Teamwork.  You will need to log into your Teamwork collaboration account to access.