Alumni Council

  • What is the Alumni Council and its mission?
    The Alumni Council was founded in 1946 and is the governing body of the Andover-Abbot Alumni Association. The Council seeks to promote beneficial relations, especially by serving as a liaison between alumni and the Academy and by strengthening connections among alumni. As outlined in its recent Strategic Plan, the Council’s vision is        

    "To enrich the lives of our alumni by inspiring them to live the values of the Academy and to be a catalyst for lifetime engagement."

  • Who are the Officers of the Alumni Council?
    Misty Muscatel Davis '01, President
    David C. Brown '95, Vice President
    Stephen E. Matloff '91, Vice President
    Stacy F. Metcalf '90, Vice President
  • What are the committees of the Alumni Council?
    Standing Committees:
    • Alumni Admission Representatives Committee
    • Alumni Communications Committee
    • Annual Giving Board
    • Athletics Committee
    • Class Secretaries Committee
    • Equity and Inclusion Committee
    • Non Sibi Committee
    • Regional Volunteers Committee
    Ad Hoc:
    • Alumni Award of Distinction
    • Andover and the Military
    • Abbot Alumnae Engagement Initiative
  • What are the expectations of membership?
    The expectation of membership includes being present at the two meetings of the Council each year: the fall meeting usually occurs in late October or early November; the spring meeting is usually in late April or early May. Weekend meetings typically run from Friday through Saturday afternoon. The presence of all of members is critical to the success of the Council. The Executive Committee has one additional meeting in early February.
  • How are new members nominated?
    For all committees, candidates may be suggested by current members, by PA faculty & staff, and by soliciting nominations from all alumni, including current Council members. This stream may result in a longer pipeline (1-3 years) before everyone can be considered. To be considered for membership of the Class Secretaries Committee, Annual Giving Board Committee, or Alumni Admission Representatives Committee, nominees need to be active volunteers in those roles. 

  • Who should I contact if I am interested in becoming a member of the Alumni Council?
    Contact Karleigh Antista, Assistant Director in the office of Alumni Engagement at kantista@andover.edu


Excerpts from Q&A with Tom Beaton

  • Speaking on behalf of Alumni Council, what are you most proud to have accomplished since becoming President in July 2012?
    It’s been an incredible privilege to serve as the Council’s President and as an Alumni Trustee.... The numbers speak for themselves and include:
    • We had 111 regional events in 2014 – not just in the US, but in European capitals, China and Japan In 2015, we’re planning to have at least 133 events.
    • For admission in the Fall of 2015, our alumni admissions representives conducted 927 interviews – again, around the globe in support of “Youth from Every Quarter”.
    • We’ve been the catalyst for hundreds of Non Sibi service projects around the world.

  • What are some of the ways that the 25,000 alumni of Andover and Abbot directly benefit from the work of the Council?
    Many alumni will probably be surprised to learn just how integrated the Alumni Council is in the activities and interests of almost every alumni group associated with Andover and Abbot - whether it’s an affinity based organization like Andover and the Military, which now has 870 members; the extraordinarily valuable work of nearly 1,000 volunteer Alumni Admissions Representatives; or the ongoing impact and value that the Class Secretaries and Regional Volunteers Committees have in the planning of regional events and reporting on individual alumni news and information.

  • As you prepare to welcome a new president this summer, what remains high on the council’s agenda as important, yet unfinished business?
    Inclusion, diversity and equity are core values of the Alumni Council. We’re recommitting ourselves to reaching out and actively engaging more “alumni from every quarter”. Non Sibi, of course, is another core value for the Council. Likewise, we’re recommitting ourselves to finding ways for our alumni to actively support the Academy’s needs on Andover Hill and to “give back” to the communities in which they live. Another bit of unfinished business involves communications. We have some extraordinary Council members who possess extensive experience with digital marketing and social media. Those committed volunteers are working on tools designed to enhance two-way communication between the Council and our alumni and on ways for our alumni to find and communicate more easily with each other. The Andover Alumni App is a good example of a tool designed to help our alumni connect with each other and to stay in touch with what’s happening on campus.

  • What types of alumni roles are most in need of volunteers?
    We welcome all alumni that have a true passion for what they do and for Andover, and want to and support the academy by applying their unique talents to supporting Andover on, and away from, Andover Hill. Alumni Council members participate in such a diverse variety of activities, from organizing events, to outreach, to engaging with PA’s students, faculty and administration. The Alumni Council is committed to supporting PA’s new strategic plan of Equity & Inclusion, Creativity & Innovation and Empathy & Balance.Alumni Council members that appreciate the importance of this vision, which is consistent with many of the academy’s best traditions, can find work on the Council as rewarding as I have for many years. .

  • The council’s strategic plan (approved in fall 2014, just weeks after the Academy’s new plan) establishes a bold vision summed up in its title “Catalyst for Lifetime Engagement.” What’s the deeper meaning of that phrase?
    I get very excited when talking about the concept of ‘Andover for Life'. Once you’re admitted to Andover, you join a community, a family, for life. To me, it’s about being engaged in meaningful ways with the PA and connecting with a global community of alumni, who share similar values and have deep respect for Andover. Our paths in life are as diverse as our experiences at Andover. For me, that’s what makes this such a compelling vision - and what makes serving on the Alumni Council so rewarding for its members. We want to see more interest in participation in Alumni Council with our commitment to attracting “Alumni from Every Quarter.”


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