Preview of Q&A with Tom Beaton

Preview of Q&A with Tom Beaton

Tracy M. Sweet, Director of Academy Communications and Stephen Jones '84 and Co-Chair of the Alumni Council Communications Committee caught up with Tom Beaton PA '73 for his remarks and impressions of his tenure as President of the Alumni Council.  Here are some highlights of what he had to say.


Speaking on behalf of Alumni Council, what are you most proud to have accomplished since becoming President in July 2012?

It’s been an incredible privilege to serve as the Council’s President and as an Alumni Trustee. I am so proud of the level of engagement and participation from alumni that we have seen during the last several years. Andover Alumni have such a love of the academy, and the Alumni Council continues to find meaningful and rewarding ways for all alumni to participate in Andover activities. For example, sometimes we see alumni who come back to campus for leadership weekends or recognition of alumni achievement; but we also see a growing number of attendees at local regional events, or individual contributions such as conducting admissions interviews or offering professional services to the academy. The numbers speak for themselves and include:

  • We had 111 regional events in 2014 – not just in the US, but in European capitals, China and Japan In 2015, we’re planning to have at least 133 events.
  • For admission in the Fall of 2015, our alumni admissions representives conducted 927 interviews – again, around the globe in support of “Youth from Every Quarter”.
  • We’ve been the catalyst for hundreds of Non Sibi service projects around the world.


Indeed, the last three years have been busy with the development of the Council's strategic plan and the growth in engagement aided by alumni participation.  

Catch more of what Tom had to say in the upcoming Spring/Summer Andover Bulletin!